How Often Should You Visit Your Pregnancy Doctor?

When You Should Visit Your Prenatal Doctor


Your baby is precious to you and your partner. You love them unconditionally and want them to grow healthy. A part of doing that is visiting your prenatal doctor often. They will check on the health of the baby and monitor for any early warning signs of potential issues. Your doctor will also provide you with advice on how to best prepare for the birth of your child and any dietary or lifestyle changes that you should be making. So, how often should you be visiting your pregnancy doctor?


How often you should be scheduling your prenatal appointments will depend on how far along into the pregnancy you are. For example, you should be having one every four weeks during weeks 4-28 of the pregnancy. During weeks 28-36 of pregnancy, you should have an appointment every 2 weeks. For the rest of the pregnancy, you should be scheduling weekly visits.


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