Family Doctor Locations Around Olean, NY

535 Main Street, Olean, NY
(716) 372-0141 Main Telephone
CUBA: 14 Center Street, (585) 968-3210
ELLICOTTVILLE: 6133 Route 219, (716) 699-4332
FRANKLINVILLE: 12 South Main Street, (716) 676-2212
SALAMANCA: 449 Broad Street, (716) 945-4770
CUBA: 45 West Main St, (585) 968-1628



At Olean Medical Group, we have doctors that specialize in many different areas:

Pregnancy doctors - The technical term is obstetrician, and they provide prenatal care to women who are pregnant.

Pediatric doctors - These doctors provide medical care for infants, children, and young adults.

Family doctors - These doctors provide medical care for people of all ages.

Heart doctors - The technical term is cardiologist, and they treat patients who have issues with their heart valves, blood vessels and other vascular issues.

Neurologists - These doctors treat and diagnose any issues people have with their brain or nervous system.

Foot doctors - The technical term is podiatrist, and they treat any issues or diseases that people encounter with their feet.

Rheumatology doctors - These doctors treat conditions that have to do with the muscles, joints, and bones.

Gynecology doctors - These doctors focus on the reproductive health of women which includes testing for diseases, reproductive system disorders, and performing cancer screenings.

Whether you are in need of a pregnancy doctor, an allergy specialist or a rheumatology doctor, Olean Medical Group has a highly skilled team of professionals you can trust. Contact us today or visit any of our locations.



535 Main Street, Olean NY 14760
Phone: 716-372-0141

Monday - Thursday
Office Hours: 7:45 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Friday 7:45 am - 3 pm


14 Center Street, Cuba, Cuba NY 14727
Phone: 585-968-3210


6133 Route 219, Ellicottville NY 14731
Phone: 716-699-4332


12 Main Street, Franklinville NY 14737
Phone: 716-676-2212


449 Broad Street, Salamanca, NY 14779
Phone: 716-945-4770


45 West Main Street, Cuba, NY 14727
Phone: 585-968-1628