Olean Medical Group in Olean, NY

The Olean Medical Group takes pride in not only offering medical services from young to old with our pediatric doctors  and family doctors, but offering an array services that can meet your needs. Every doctor, nurse practioner, registered physician assistants and other physicians at Olean Medical Group have had years of studying, practice and training that makes them trusted and skilled in each of their specialties. Below are just some of our specialities and credible doctors available at Olean Medical Group.

Our Mission

“To provide for our patients, the best medical care, with dignity, compassion and respect."

The Olean Medical Group has a 71 plus year history in our community and is the largest medical group in Western New York outside of Buffalo. We have six office locations, the main location located at 535 Main Street which includes support areas to better meet our patients' needs, and satellite offices in Cuba, Ellicottville, Franklinville and Salamanca, all within 28 miles of the main office in Olean, NY. At our offices, we want to provide the best care possible for the WNY area. That's why we have cancer and pediatric doctors, as well as foot doctors, gynecology doctors, heart doctors, specialists and more at our medical group.

The Olean Medical Group was founded in 1948 by three physicians: Dr. Goodlett, Dr.Johnson and Dr. Runals. Daniel Souders served as the Administrator of the Group until his retirement in 1990. The original building was located on the comer of East Henley Street and South Union Street in Olean. Expansions were made in 1957, 1964 and 1972.

However, with limited space at the South Union site, in 1975, the physicians broke ground for a new building at its current location on Main Street, right next door to the Olean General Hospital. They further expanded and in 1989, a major addition and renovation project was completed.

In January 1987, the Olean Medical Group opened a satellite office in Franklinville, New York, which is 20 miles north of Olean. In January 2000, the Group purchased a local physician's practice which includes satellite offices in Cuba and Ellicottville, New York.

In January, 2015, two practices joined forces with Olean Medical Group. They included Family Practice Associates of Cattaraugus (two physicians and two physician assistants) and Dr. Adil Al-Humadi, Colorectal Surgeon.

Our Doctors & Specialties Olean, NY

Othoniel Castro, M.D. - Neurologist - Brain Doctor

Tress M. Jordan, DPM - Podiatry - Foot Doctor

Thayaparan Mathanakaran, M.D. - Family Practice - Family Doctor

Tami L. buzzard, DNP - Cardiology - Heart Doctor

Sebastian Wilk, M.D. - Rheumatology - Immune System Doctor

John R. Weinhold, Jr. M.D. - Oncology - Cancer Doctor

Thaddeus S. Wojcik, M.D. - Gynecology - Gynecologist

Pamela T. Salzmann, DO - Pediatrics - Pediatric Doctor

Fred H. Lewis, M.D. - Allergy and Immunology - Allergy Specialist

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