How Our Team is Proudly Still Caring for You

Throughout this pandemic, our doors have remained open at Olean Medical Group LLP.  We are following New York State and local public health guidelines while the care for our OMG LLP patients remains our number one priority. Additionally, our team has taken enhanced measures at our offices to ensure the safety of our patients and employees.  We, too, understand this reality will be our new normal for quite some time.

In adapting to our new normal, it is important for our patients to focus on their healthcare and those they care for.  Data shows that postponing preventive screenings for long periods of time is potentially harmful to your health. We understand the stay at home parameters due to COVID-19 are to protect us; however, we are encouraging our patients to connect with their OMG LLP providers to ensure their healthcare appointments are on-track going forward. 

We have MODERNA VACCINES ON HAND.  TO RECIEVE A COVID VACCINE, please call your OMG primary care provider for an appointment.

Things may be different, but our care for you has not changed:

  • Our patient screening entrance will remain at the back of our building for now.
  • We continue to screen employees every morning at our employee entrance.  
  • Special measures have been taken to physically distance our waiting rooms
  • Plexiglass has been added to registration and nursing areas in the near future.
  • We will continue to room patients in exam rooms as quickly as possible
  • We are spacing time between appointments to ensure reduced capacity in our buildings
  • We are committed to ensuring that our patients receive appropriate medical care.  You can get information regarding your rights and how to report professional misconduct at
  • We are in compliance with CDC recommendations for PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and recommend patients wear a mask or cloth face covering to their appointmentCOVID-19 has taught all of us some valuable lessons and we intend to incorporate them into our on-going care for you. For 72 years, Olean Medical Group LLP has been caring for patients in the Southern Tier; we have every intention of providing quality healthcare for years to come. We are humbled by the commitment and flexibility of our employees and providers. Our deepest gratitude to each of them, their families, our fellow healthcare colleagues, and all of the other hard-working essential employees during this time. Most importantly, we thank our patients for choosing and trusting Olean Medical Group LLP. So much has changed, but one thing remains the same…we’re still proudly caring for you.

Offering a Versatile Suite of Treatments in the Olean, NY Region

The Olean Medical Group takes immense pride in offering a comprehensive form of care throughout Olean, NY and the surrounding communities. Whether you're searching for an experienced pediatric doctor or a qualified neurologist, our practice is sure to feature the perfect personnel from the comfort of our welcoming facility. On top of that, we operate a modern testing laboratory to ensure that our patients access the very latest in diagnostic services.

Be sure to browse the following section to explore our current specialties. As always, you're more than welcome to contact one of the certified representatives at Olean Medical Group with any additional questions. Our knowledgeable team is constantly standing by to provide additional information on our innovative treatment options.

We would like to welcome Kamrie Costello, FNP-BC, Catrina Noniewicz, FNP-C, and Dr. Salwat Malik, to our practice in Family Medicine.  Their offices are located in Olean on the first floor in AREA D and E on the first floor, and AREA A on the second floor, respectively.  Kamrie's phone number is 716-376-2256.  Catrina's phone number is 716-376-2315.  Dr. Malik's phone number is 716-376-2223.

They are taking new patients and are especially interested in our young patients who will be transitioning into adult care so if you have a son or daughter who is 19 - 21, and will be in need of an adult practitioner, please give Kamrie, Catrina, or Dr. Malik, a call. 

We would also like to welcome Dr. Arthur Cacacho who is a pulmonologist.  His office will be on the first floor in AREA  C at the main office.  For appointments, please call 716-376-2395.


  • Christine Strade
  • Chief Executive Officer, OMG LLP

Family and Pediatric Doctors serving the Olean, NY area.

Olean Medical Group LLP has been serving our community for more than 70 years and is the largest medical group in Western New York outside of Buffalo. Our family practice has six locations, with our central location at 535 Main Street in Olean, NY which includes support services to better meet our patients' needs. Our satellite offices are located in Cuba (2), Ellicottville, Franklinville and Salamanca, NY, all within 12 - 28 miles of our main office.

To better serve our patients, we have several specialties and doctors ready to help. In addition to our family and pediatric services, we feature treatments in other health categories, such as allergies, gynecology, cardiology, rheumatology, pulmonology, podiatry, neurology, and more. See our specialties page for a full list of treatments!

Olean Medical Group complies with applicable Federal civil rights laws and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex.

Reliable Rheumatology Doctors

If you suffer from osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or any other ailments that involve your immune system being attacked through your joints and nerves, you may benefit from seeing a rheumatology doctor. Olean Medical Group LLP has doctors who have been serving the community for generations. It is likely that you are looking for a rheumatology doctor based on a recommendation by your primary care physician. Our rheumatology doctor is experienced and ready to help you when you are in pain. With a referral from your PCP, see Dr. Sebastian Wilk, located on the second floor, AREA A, at OMG's main office.

Contact our offices today to learn more about our rheumatology and pulmonary doctors or other services.

Pollen Count

Novemver 2, 2021

Total Count - 0 Tree 0 Grass  0 Weed    2980 Mold

Pollen Level -  Low

Mold Level - Low
Season - WEED

The Pollen Count is provided by Dr. Fred Lewis, board certified allergist and immunologist at the Olean Medical Group

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